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Juxing AR Intelligent Riding Helmet (Civil Version)

Juxing J10-AR intelligent cycling helmet is an intelligent helmet equipped with intelligent voice interaction technology. This AR intelligent helmet has a comprehensive safety design, high-strength multi-layer shell protection, making the helmet harder, lighter, and safer. The ergonomic design is more pleasing to the face, and can also become an intelligent assistant and brain during cycling with basic safety assistance. The core of the product is to awaken intelligent operations through voice. For drivers, they only need to focus on driving, while answering, making calls, navigating, playing music, weather and other functions can be achieved through voice commands. Eliminated the unsafe risk of operating a mobile phone while cycling, and completely solved the problem of both hands. Make travel more convenient and safe, while also allowing users to experience the joy of cycling and a journey full of infinite possibilities. This will undoubtedly be a brand new choice and experience for people who are increasingly reliant on mobile phones.

Born for cycling: With multiple professional settings, majors can adapt to various cycling environments

Noise reduction system

It can effectively reduce tire noise, wind noise, and noise from the engine.

The wearer can adjust the noise reduction level according to actual needs,

thereby reducing fatigue driving caused by regular noise.

Complete HUD, ultra wide angle camera,

The wearer can clearly observe real-time weather,

temperature, and destination distance information. Large area

array optical waveguides and HUD systems can achieve a theoretical

"360 degree dead angle free" field of view angle

Audio and video, group chat functions

Omnidirectional microphone, unobstructed communication inside

and outside the helmet. In addition to functions such as answering and

making calls during cycling, the helmet can also support multi person

audio and video group chat function, and the video image is displayed

in real-time on the screen. Facilitate real-time communication between riders.

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