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Juxing X21 ar intelligent industrial helmet Integrated intelligent helmet, dust-proof, waterproof, explosion-proof and fall resistant

Juxing X21 ar industrial intelligent helmet is an integrated intelligent helmet for technicians to realize man-machine integration and achieve the intelligent functions we need. The intelligent helmet can cooperate with the remote visual command system to realize the remote guidance of experts from the first perspective. Juxing integrated ar industrial intelligent helmet helps to improve users' production management efficiency and product quality; Real time interactive background command and control, remote scheduling, target recognition, task release, human-machine interaction.

Juxing X21 ar intelligent helmet has voice acquisition function; Video image acquisition function; Data transmission function; GPS positioning function (accurately locate the position of users); Zoom function: (you can zoom in and out the image freely, and pull the distant object closer to see); Hd 1080p video storage function; Binocular and monocular display function; (personnel can view the image in front locally, so as to better understand their position and situation) Bluetooth transmission function; Low light level night vision function; 5g transmission function, etc; Support gps+ Beidou Positioning.

Extra long standby
13000000 pixels
OIS optical +eis electronic dual anti shake camera
1920*1080resolving power
Up cast binocular array optical waveguide
Domestic 5g platform with 8 cores 2GHz
Product parameters In addition to providing two-way audio and video calls, AR remote collaboration also supports AI recognition, picture annotation, voice translation Video recording and other rich functions fully enable the police to use the whole scene.

Juxing x21-ar integrated industrial intelligent helmet
Integrated ar industrial intelligent helmet
Ar intelligent function is integrated into the helmet to realize man-machine integration, high sensitivity industrial head posture sensing, convenient operation, ergonomic design, stable wearing, safer and more practical.

Double vision waveguide display technology
Customized industrial binocular array waveguide ar optics, high definition and high transmittance. The optical protective package is safe, with visual permeability and 40 ° super large field of vision, high contrast, and light transmittance of more than 90%, providing the best augmented reality experience
Dual cameras
Main camera: 13million pixels, OIS optics + EIS electronic dual anti shake, photography and video recording Associate camera: low light level night vision low illumination 1080p camera

All core devices are localized, supporting the processing of a large amount of data and information in the cloud, and ensuring the real-time nature of remote communication and cooperation. The national industrialization is autonomous and controllable, and can be widely used in various industries.. Ensure future global strategic advantages

Juxing self-developed visual expert platform
The built-in Juxing self-development system realizes interactive adaptation. Help improve user production management, real-time interactive background command and control, remote scheduling, target recognition, task release, human-machine interaction. Enterprise users can formulate platform deployment according to their own business process system.

Voice + knob dual interaction
The whole process of local voice operation supports accurate speech recognition in 90dB industrial noise environment; High noise environment can also be accurately identified. Knob interaction, convenient for use in complex industrial environment

Long endurance
10000mah fast charging, equipped with 2 removable batteries Continuous working mode: ≥ 8h; Standby mode: ≥ 24h
Near current alarm
220V close to high voltage alarm
Dust proof, waterproof and explosion-proof
Ip-66 protection grade, meeting the needs of various complex site environments. Available in Use in potentially explosive environment
钜星X21 AR工业智能头盔应用场景
Application scenario of X21 ar industrial intelligent helmet
We can bring you
Enterprise digital transformation
1. Ar helmet enables multiple capabilities and drives collaboration to be more intelligent.

2. Help enterprises realize transparent production management and change the traditional manufacturing management mode.

3. Help enterprises establish a perfect intelligent operation and maintenance system. And upgrade and transform to digitalization, networking and intelligence.
Reduce enterprise costs
1. Use Juxing visual expert platform to issue work order tasks, and can match the solutions of abnormal problems.

2. After scanning the equipment, the AR helmet can directly display the spot inspection results, photos and other information on the spatial position of the equipment, so as to prevent missed inspection and missing inspection.

3. For repetitive work, you can work directly after wearing a helmet according to the instructions without training
Simple and convenient operation
1. Voice interaction, hands free

2. Guided diagnosis, checklist review, guided troubleshooting, and the platform can synchronously view the detection nodes.

3. Support the existing CRM, sap, APS, MES and many other peripherals of the enterprise, and support user-defined development applications
Ensure process standardization
1. The standard operation process is automatically pushed, and the AI assisted detection guarantee is strictly implemented.

2. Synchronize the work order in progress to the expert platform to ensure the real-time and accurate detection data. Analyze the work order completion status in real time through the big data algorithm, and the record of the work order can be permanently retained;
application area
Juxing X21 integrated ar industrial intelligent helmet, designed for front-line operators, can be used for operation,
patrol inspection, equipment and facility maintenance Safety and quality inspection. Remote collaborative communication is more convenient,
more efficient and less costly to solve problems. Widely used in automobiles, household appliances, new energy, gasMilitary industry, infrastructure, port,
transportation, fire protection, electric power, coal mine, chemical industry, customs, transportation, oil field, mine, emergency command and other industries.
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